Van Alkmadestraat

蒂尔堡 5014 NP

995 欧元,含


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  • 家具齐全
  • 18 平方米
  • 1 ROOMS
  • 起租日期:
  • 最短租期:

These studios are only open to VIP clients

Available properties per fixed period: 1-1-2024 until 31-7-2024

NOTE: This property is a house consisting of 5 semi-studios. You will be sharing this property with 4+ person.

You’ll get:

–Room with own bathroom
–Room comes fully furnished. Comparable room photo in photo overview.
-Communal areas: Kitchen, Garden.
-Frequent cleaning
-All-in Utilities

studio NR m2 Type Price per month all-in
1 30 semi-studio € 1.175,00
2 22,5 semi-studio € 1.175,00
3 30 semi-appartement (livingroom + bedroom) € 1.195,00
4 19,5 semi-studio € 995,00
5 18,5 semi-studio € 995,00

The property
You’ll be sharing this house with 4 other friendly individuals, each with their own private bathroom. Bathrooms may be tiny, but they are efficiently designed, featuring a personal shower, toilet, and sink. As a collective, you’ll have access to shared facilities such as the kitchen, which is cleaned frequently and equipped with various high-end built-in appliances. A washer and dryer, bike storage, and even a little garden. Additionally, you’ll find ample storage space for your belongings.

It’s an ideal environment for mingling with your housemates, whether you want to cook up a meal together or enjoy a movie night. This is where the real fun happens!

In terms of location, this semi-studio is just a 6-minute bike ride from Tilburg’s bustling city centre, where you’ll discover an array of shops and lively pubs.

For students, the university is conveniently around 10 minutes away by bike. Don’t miss the chance to make this space your home!

We are dedicated to creating the perfect match. Our residents consist mainly of international students as well as young professionals in their twenties and thirties who view their homes as a sanctuary to relax after a busy day. If you’re seeking an environment prioritizing relaxation, this is the place for you. And don’t forget, friendships among flatmates can be everlasting!

Shared Amenities: Privitae Amenities

Kitchen Bathroom
Dish Washer Smart tv
Washer Dryer Desk and char
Oven Towels
Microwave Large mirror
Fridge Wifi
Water heater Single bed
Bike Parking

We require a 2-month security deposit and the first month’s rent prior to the commencement of your stay. Viewings are possible through a video call remotely.

Sometimes the photos may not accurately represent the actual reality as the property is yet to be converted into the concept. In that case, you are lucky because you will be the first person to rent it. The photos displayed show the same furniture that will be placed after the conversion. The photos are very close to reality at the beginning of the rental.

If you are interested, please contact our team at Oranje Wonen