* 建立个人搜索档案,包括您的背景信息和您的住房要求;
    * 根据您的住房需求寻找合适的房源;
    * 为您安排一次或多次观看;
    * 与您一起讨论观结果;
    * 向潜在房东推荐您,并且最大程度地为您争取房源;
    * 代表您与潜在房东就租约内容进行谈判;
    * 检查租赁协议并确保双方签署租赁协议。

    Upon entering into the service contract, an advance payment of €500 is required. This amount includes a registration fee of €60 to set up your personal profile. Once we receive the advance payment, we will commence our work. If we are unable to suggest any properties to you that meet your registered housing requirements before the contract expires, the advance payment will be refunded deducted by the registration fee. In the event of successfully reaching an agreement on a lease with a landlord, we will charge a brokerage fee for our services. This fee is equal to 50% of one month's gross rent, as stipulated in the lease agreement, plus 21% VAT. It must be paid within 4 days of the invoice date and will be offset against the initial advance payment. Please note that the registration fee is non-refundable under any circumstances.

    We base our search activities solely on the housing requirements that you register in the Tenant Registration Form. Before scheduling a viewing appointment for you or connecting you with a landlord, we always seek your confirmation that the property meets your requirements and that you are interested in renting it. Upon receiving your confirmation, we will proceed to represent you in your interactions with that property. If we successfully arrange one or more viewing appointments for you or facilitate direct contact with a landlord, but you decide to rent another accommodation independently, rather than through our services, a fee of €350 (excluding 21% VAT) will be charged to compensate for the time and effort expended by our agent.

    在执行我们所有的活动时,我们将首先确保和着重考虑您的利益,而不是(潜在的)房东的利益, 他的利益将由他自己或其他地产代理考量。

    如果您对第三方平台或房地产经纪人的房源感兴趣,其服务可能会产生额外费用,您将需要直接向第三方支付这笔款项。 我们仍将履行以上服务来支持您赢得房源。

    本服务合同有效期为6个月,自您签署之日起计算,除非您在此之前成功找到房产。 在这种情况下,我们也将关闭协议并结束搜索过程。